Dream Team Black Jack

Understanding the Blackjack Surrender Strategy

Because of the popularity of blackjack, many variations have emerged to keep players interested and entertained. The surrender move is a great example and gives advanced players a chance to minimize their losses by using a simple blackjack surrender strategy.

How it Works

Once the cards have been dealt, most experienced blackjack players already have a good idea of the hand's outcome. The surrender feature makes it easy to get out of the round without losing the entire amount of your wager. If the cards are against you and it's highly unlikely that you'll win, you can use the surrender move and only forfeit half of your bet rather than all of it.

Single Deck Surrender Strategy

If the dealer hits on soft 17, you're already at a disadvantage so a good surrender strategy can be very useful. When the dealer holds an ace, you should surrender if your hand total is between 15 and 17, or if you have a pair of sevens. When you're holding 16 and the dealer has a ten, it's best to surrender. In versions that require the dealer to stand on soft 17, use surrender if you have 16 or a pair of sevens against the dealer's ace or ten.

Multiple Deck Surrender Strategy

Multiple deck blackjack games typically have a slightly higher casino edge than single deck versions, but the surrender strategy is very similar. If the dealer hits on soft 17, surrender a 15 when the dealer holds an ace or ten and surrender 1 hand value of 16 if the dealer card is nine, ten, or ace. A 17 should be surrendered if the dealer has an ace, as well as a hand made up of a pair of eights. If the dealer stands, you should still surrender on hands that total 15 and 16.

The blackjack surrender strategy can be a great way to minimize your losses at the blackjack table, but only when it's used effectively. Take the time to practice with free blackjack games at casino en ligneto hone your techniques.