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How to Play Blackjack Online without Counting Cards

Over the past few decades, it has seemed impossible to get advice on how to play blackjack online without counting cards. The counting cards techniques are incredibly popular, but in the end, they're not the most effective approach to the game. For players that want to avoid counting cards in online blackjack bonus , there are a few things to keep in mind.

Why No Card Counting

Most online blackjack guides will encourage players to learn how to count cards. They provide easy instructions for determining the balance of the deck and insist that it's the only true method for succeeding at blackjack. Besides, since there's no pit boss to stop players from doing so, it's easier to get away with card counting online. As a result of thousands of players regularly keep tallies and engage in complicated math to keep track of the balance of every deck being used.

Alternatives to Counting Cards

What most of these card counting guides don't say is that card counting is no more effective than using a perfectly legal strategy guide or playing the regular odds on each hand. In fact, it might be even less useful since most online casino blackjack dealers use random number generators to shuffle the decks on a regular basis. Players should instead just use the relatively straightforward odds of the game. By memorizing a handful of facts about the makeup of the deck, online players can succeed more often than those who waste time counting cards.

Despite what some strategists may claim, card counting is not the only approach to playing blackjack online. Players should always explore alternative strategies. They may find that their game improves without all of that tedious math.